Lightbody Symptoms & How to Clear them

Lightbody SymptomsLight­body symp­toms are the nat­ural con­se­quence of our phys­i­cal body going through the ascen­sion process. In the ascen­sion process we are fil­ter­ing in more light into our cel­lu­lar & sub atomic par­ti­cles of our body. We are chang­ing from a car­bon based being into more of a crys­talline being. The very struc­ture of our DNA is chang­ing and we are going through a DNA decoding/recoding process.

This dra­matic change in the very struc­ture of our body is cre­at­ing what some have termed “light body symp­toms”. These light body symp­toms are due to our light­body try­ing to anchor in more into our phys­i­cal body. In this process of anchor­ing and inte­grat­ing into our body through the tech­nol­ogy of light, all sorts of weird symp­to­matic pain & emo­tions can come up to the sur­face to be cleared. These symp­toms are the accu­mu­la­tion of heav­ier denser ener­gies that have been locked in our bod­ies, such as genetic weak­nesses, dis­tor­tions, emo­tional pain and gen­eral weak­nesses within our body.

Accord­ing to Alexis Cartwright, anchor and chan­neller of Trans­fer­ence Heal­ing® here is a list of com­mon light body symptoms;

  • Res­pi­ra­tory dis­com­fort, tight­ness in the lungs, asthma-like symp­toms, flu like symp­toms, hay fever, colds, runny noses and sneez­ing for up to 24 hours Inflam­ma­tion or aching of bones & joints
  • Headaches or migraines not alle­vi­ated by painkillers
  • Immune & lym­phatic sys­tem changes
  • Dizzi­ness, ring­ing in the ears, co-ordination imbalances
  • Heart pal­pi­ta­tions or hypersensitivity
  • Lack of cir­cu­la­tion, loss of mus­cu­lar power and brief peri­ods of weakness
  • Tin­gling in arms, hands, legs and feet
  • Hor­monal imbalance
  • Strange skin irritations
  • Feel­ings of De Ja Vu, intense fear of sep­a­ra­tion and loss
  • Short peri­ods of intense tiredness
  • Occa­sional diarrhoea
  • Mood swings and bouts of short term depression
  • Strange symp­to­matic pain, espe­cially through the back and ver­te­bra area
  • Dreams, odd sleep­ing pat­terns, night sweats
  • Vague­ness in the head and an empty feel­ing in the stomach

Lightbody technology




How to get Rid of Light­body Symptoms?

Well, in truth, you can­not! Light­body symp­toms are the nat­ural con­se­quence of light enter­ing into our bod­ies. In fact it would be rather odd if you were not expe­ri­enc­ing any light­body symp­toms at all!

Although light­body symp­toms are a nec­es­sary process there are ways that we can min­imise the impact on our phys­i­cal bod­ies — mainly by work­ing with energy/frequency.

Here is a list of some tech­niques that you can use to sup­port your­self whilst expe­ri­enc­ing light­body symptoms.

1. Med­i­tate reg­u­larly — every day if pos­si­ble to stay balanced.

2. Use fre­quency heal­ing tech­niques on your­self or go and see a Fre­quency healer such as a Trans­fer­ence Healer practitioner.

3. Take salt baths.

4. Hold your aware­ness in the fact that it is a light body symp­tom, and do not attach to what is com­ing up to the sur­face to be cleared.

5. Try not to engage your men­tal body and go into fear — this will only pro­long the symptoms.

6. Always fol­low your intu­ition and be guided as to what is best for you


Light­body symp­toms are only tran­si­tory. It is impor­tant to work with these symp­toms ener­get­i­cally to sup­port your­self to clear them through your body as quickly as pos­si­ble. If not, it is all too easy to get halted in the clear­ing process. Seek pro­fes­sional help if you feel you are get­ting stuck in this process, and you need a lit­tle bit of extra support.

I will be going into more of the tech­nol­ogy on how to min­imise light­body symp­toms in my next post.


Chloe Cousins

Chloe is a Fre­quency Healer , Global Grid Chan­neler & Ascen­sion Facil­i­ta­tor. She works with the 7th dimen­sional fre­quen­cies of Trans­fer­ence Heal­ing work­ing multi dimen­sion­ally to cre­ate alchemy in the body and anchor and inte­grate the light­body for ascension.

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About Chloe Cousins

Chloe is a Frequency Healer , Global Grid Channeler & Ascension Facilitator. She works with the 7th dimensional frequencies of Transference Healing working multi dimensionally to create alchemy in the body and anchor and integrate the lightbody for ascension.
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